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We provide coaches with

  • learning

  • reflective space

  • professional development

  • inspiration to support practice and well-being


Our supervision

  • brings out the best

  • offers great learning

  • safeguards clients

  • supports professional values and standards

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Coaching supervision

Coaching supervision is the opportunity for coaches to share, in confidence, their case load activity, research and reflection in order to gain insight, support and direction, enabling them to excel in the service of their clients. Supervision can be provided for coaches individually or in groups.

Coaching supervision

  • ensures quality and ethical standards are met

  • develops the quality of the coaching offer by introducing new approaches and thinking

  • supports the well-being and growth of the coach

About supervision

To see more detailed discussion of different aspects of supervision, read our latest blog posts:

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What we offer coaches

The Coaching Supervision Partnership provides one-to-one and group supervision that meets your needs.


Our supervision provides:

  • the insight to tackle challenging cases

  • the stimulus to keep learning

  • the support to keep you working at your very best

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What we offer organisations

Your coaches support your leaders, managers and people at all levels in the twin tasks of delivering excellent results and building the organisation of the future.


To do this, your coaches need to be working to the highest standards.


Supervision provides both the stimulus and the support to keep coaches working at their very best, and the challenge to keep learning and developing.

About the CSP offer
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ILM Level 7 in Coaching Supervision
  • For experienced coaches, this is a programme of workshops developing your supervision, leading to an ILM Level 7 certificate or diploma.

  • An online learning programme, with live discussion and practice sessions and plentiful online resources (videos, podcasts and texts), supported by one-to-one tutorials, to maximise your learning.

  • 12 months duration

  • 8-14 participants

  • Cost £2,950 + ILM registration at £187

For more information click on the box to download the brochure.

For an informal conversation including discussion of the time you will need to dedicate to this programme and the workshop dates and location, please get in touch.


ILM Level 7

Coaching Supervision

ILM7 Coaching Supervision
About us
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About us

We are a learning organisation of qualified and practising coaches and coach supervisors committed to our own continuous professional development. We explore and share client-focused, research-based approaches to supervision and coaching. We have worked together for two years and between us have supervised internal and independent coaches working in diverse settings including healthcare, education, not-for-profit, SMEs, large corporate and blue-chip multinationals.

Our values:

Passion with purpose: Our belief in the practice of coaching inspires us to act with boldness and creativity in support of our profession.


Acting with integrity: We are true to our word, responsible for our actions and always striving to meet the highest professional and personal standards


Working collaboratively: We work together and with others as equals, share our learning and our knowledge and seek to discover and share the joy our work brings


Learning and growing: We are dedicated to developing our professional skills and practice and supporting others to do the same


Aiming for excellence: We take pride in aspiring always to be the best we can be and to inspire our clients to do the same

Jeremy Gomm
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Jeremy is an experienced coach, team coach and coach supervisor with around 2,500 hours of coaching in a wide variety of private and public organisations since professional qualification in 2003.

In more than 100 hours of 1:1 supervision his clients have included internal and independent coaches. Clients comment on his great ability to listen beyond the words and hone in to the heart of an issue, enabling profound insight and generative change in mindset and performance.

Linda Grant
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Linda is a qualified coach, facilitator and consultant and is currently studying for ILM Level 7 in Coaching and Mentoring Supervision.  She has a wide range of experience working with individuals, groups and teams on a global basis across a range of sectors.

Linda sees supervision as providing the opportunity to explore a coach’s issues in relation to where they are on their coaching journey, the challenge and feelings they are experiencing from their situation and the context of their practice.  She uses her experience to support the coach, based on their individual needs, to recognise their strengths; build their confidence; provide emotional support; and to identify areas for development to improve their practice.

Neil Ralph
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Neil is a qualified Executive Coach and Coaching Supervisor with extensive experience in 1:1 and group settings. Neil sees supervision as a dialogue between professionals that creates space for reflection, challenge, support and inquiry.   Drawing upon his knowledge and experience Neil explores each coach’s issues in a supportive process that identifies what is going well in addition to areas for development.  He is skilled in creating a safe learning space in which coaches gain perspective and insight that benefits their clients and transforms their practice. 

Andrew Scott
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Andrew is a highly experienced coach, working with clients in commercial, public sector and Higher Education settings.  
As a supervisor, his work is informed by his own work in Shifting Stories, (helping people to re-write unhelpful stories they carry with them), by the work of Nancy Kline (Time to Think) with whom he has trained; and by Hewson and Carroll's excellent work on reflective practice in supervision.
Andrew is particularly interested in developing walking supervision in the Lake District (where he lives) both for individuals and groups.

Helen Smith
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Helen is passionate about assisting others achieve their goals through coaching and mentoring skills and is dedicated to embedding quality standards of coaching and mentoring for future business growth. The driving force behind all Helen does is to better her support of others.

Helen served on the Board of the European Mentoring and Coaching Council (2014-2016) and presently leads the Global research strategy.

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What people say


“[Andrew] created a safe thinking environment with ease and calm, so that I felt able to express vulnerabilities about my own practice. I needed to admit these for any valuable learning to take place. I was pleased that you did not collude with me on this.” 

—  Jane Steed, independent consultant

What people say
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