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Privacy Policy

Our aim is to use and keep the minimum amount of personal data necessary to run the business effectively.


The data we do collect, keep and use is that necessary to facilitate working relationships, to fulfil contractual and legal obligations, and to follow up afterwards to evaluate its effectiveness for you and any learning for us. Typically that will include names, organisational roles, and contact details of individuals with whom we interact, and email correspondence. In the case of supervisions clients, it may also include supervision agreements and diagnostic reports. These data are held electronically on password-protected computers. Remote back-ups are encrypted and stored on data security compliant sites.


We will hold such data for the duration of our business relationship (including any subsequent reviews), and then for a further 10 years (in case we need to re-engage with any of the issues, which occasionally happens). Beyond that, all data will be deleted.


You may request to check the data we hold about you at any time.

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