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Anyone for Cricket?

I don’t know if any of you are cricket fans; I wouldn’t say I am, but I am an enforced spectator due to my partner’s passion for the game. But the other day when England didn’t win the fourth Test at Old Trafford due to bad weather, meaning OZ retained the Ashes, there was the usual analysis after the event.

This time though I was awoken by a statement from Ben Stokes. He said in the changing room after the game “It’s not what you get (from the game) it’s what you become.”

That stopped me in my tracks. What a profound statement that can be used to appreciate many aspects of life.

“It’s not what you get it’s what you become”… what are we to become, what do we want to become, what are we doing to become that person, that coach, that parent, that partner, that athlete etc that we aspire to be, that we want to become?

Ben Stokes is right, meaning what they take away is valuable insight that makes them stronger as a team, stronger as an individual player, better appreciation of tactics, potential clues on how to play better next time – all valuable insights to enable them to become the team they want to be, i.e., the best in the world.

When we aspire to become the best we can be as a coach, that is reliant upon analysis too, through a trusting Supervision relationship. In Supervision the prize we get is becoming the truly excellent coach we aspire to be.

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