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Reviewing a Supervisory Meeting

Updated: Jun 13, 2023

What sort of questions do you mean, when you talk about a review checklist for supervisory meetings? That was the question one participant asked at a recent workshop on Getting the Most out of Supervision, (and likewise with regard to preparing for supervision – see separate blog post).

Our view is that such checklists are probably best co-created by the coach and the supervisor: this is a rich and thought-provoking activity for both to engage with. However, we also recognise that it may be helpful to offer an example of the kind of thing that we mean here, so we offer an example on that basis.

It is worth saying that such checklists develop and change over time; and so they should. If they start to feel stale, they certainly need refreshing!

Example Post-Supervision Checklist

What did I want from the meeting and how did I express that?

How well did we re-contract, both for content (what we were going to explore) and process (how we were going to work together)?

My notes of our discussion:

What did I learn?

What were the themes that emerged?

What insights did I have, or what actions did I commit to?

What will I do, or do differently as a result of this supervision?

How valuable was this supervision to me; and what could make my next supervision even more valuable?


With thanks to Aaron Burden for sharing his photography on Unsplash Download this checklist here ( and let us know if you find it valuable...):

Review Checklist
Download PDF • 316KB

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