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Experimenting with Gestalt (2): A Sensing Approach

In a previous post about our Gestalt CPD session, we highlighted some of the learning from using objects to stimulate transformative explorations. We also experimented with Claire Davey’s Supervision and sensing approach (also from Lucas’ book).

This again proved to be a very rich experience for all involved: coach, supervisor and observer. In this clip, Neil, who is the coach being supervised, is asked to attend to his feelings (at a somatic level) as he considers the topic he has brought to supervision; and then to notice what emotions arise.

Neil went on to explore what the opposite emotions might be, and how he might move between them. That led to some interesting reflections.

Finally, Neil was asked to reflect on what he had just experienced, and consider what he might continue to enquire into. It proved to be a rich learning session for him and all of us.

In our discussion afterwards, a couple of us mentioned that it had felt a lot like therapy. Which of course raises the interesting question of how appropriate it is for people not trained as therapists in (eg) a Gestalt approach to use tools and techniques from that approach in coaching and supervision.

I’ll summarise our reflections on that important question in the next post in this mini-series.

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