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Preparing for Supervision

Updated: May 22, 2023

At a recent workshop on Getting the Most out of Supervision, one of the participants said that it would be very helpful to have an example of the kind of questions a coach might ask himself or herself to prepare for supervision (and also to review a supervisory meeting – see separate blog post).

Our view is that such checklists are probably best co-created by the coach and the supervisor: this is a rich and thought-provoking activity for both to engage with. However, we also recognise that it may be helpful to offer an example of the kind of thing that we mean here, so we offer an example that a couple of the CSP partners developed in a co-supervisory relationship.

It is worth saying that such checklists develop and change over time; and so they should. If they start to feel stale, they certainly need refreshing!

Example Pre-Supervision Checklist

Review previous supervision notes:

What did I learn?

What were the themes that emerged?

What actions did I commit to?

What have I done, or done differently?

Review coaching notes since most recent supervision:

What has gone well?

What could have gone better?

What themes emerge?

What shall I bring to supervision?

What do I want or need from this supervisory meeting?

Review the Supervisory relationship and process:

How well do my coaching notes support my getting the most out of supervision?

How strong is the relationship – the Learning Alliance – with my supervisor?

How well have we contracted and what re-contracting may be necessary?

What else will help me to get the most out of this supervisory meeting?

Is there something I (or we) are avoiding discussing in supervision?


With thanks to Glenn Carstens-Peters for sharing his photography on Unsplash

Download this checklist here:

Preparation Checklist
Download PDF • 318KB

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