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Diving Deep

Updated: May 22, 2023

When you embarked upon a professional coaching career it was probably driven by your interest in the development of others.

I am sure you have heard the statement: I was Coaching already but did not know it until I trained as a coach. So, in the quest to be better, gain expertise, understand, differentiate, and perfect what you do, you enrolled on a recognised coaching course and became qualified.

As part of this professional journey you have probably joined a professional coaching organisation, adding to your credibility as a practitioner. Practice we know relies upon time in application, as in the one thousand hours rule for learning and playing an instrument or the acquisition of some other complex skill.

Maybe (like me) you wonder how you can broaden your focus still further to enjoy a wider perspective on your coaching practice. This is when you need to dive deeper – deeper into yourself to get under the surface of your practice, application of tools, favourite questions, or a style you may have adopted during your practice. Diving deep will access the potential unknown wisdom you carry to enhance your practice further. Doing a deep dive may be a scary journey into the unknown: you do not know how far it is to the bottom or what you may find when you get there. But unless your mindset is positive and focused on your client and free from personal distractions, you will not be ready to support them in the moment or whatever context (as illustrated below) you find yourself in.

The safe place of supervision can assist you to navigate the present whilst drawing upon valuable lessons to support your practice: to step back, pause and reflect in a safe space; to be better resourced to navigate the multi-layered connections for your clients’ benefit.

If you are ready to take a deep dive, we would love to hear from you and we have your safe space waiting at CSP.

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