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 *Starting September 2022

Online ILM Level 7 in Coaching Supervision
  • For experienced coaches, this is a programme of workshops developing your supervision, leading to an ILM Level 7 certificate or diploma.

  • An online learning programme, with live discussion and practice sessions and plentiful online resources (videos, podcasts and texts), supported by one-to-one tutorials, to maximise your learning.

  • 12 months duration

  • 8-14 participants

  • Cost £2,950 + ILM registration at £187

  • We also suggest that you budget for the purchase of recommended books (say, £150).


For more information click on the box to download the brochure.

For an informal conversation including discussion of the time you will need to dedicate to this programme and the workshop dates and location, please get in touch.


ILM Level 7

Coaching Supervision